Web App to estimate your waiting time in line.
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Wait Next is a Web App that estimates your waiting time in line in places where each individual pick a number in order to get in line.



Wait Next is a Web App, you are encouraged to add to your smartphone home screen. How?

By adding to home screen, you are able to use it even with no internet connection.

How does it work?

  • You start by entering the number you picked when you first arrived at the line
  • Enter the current number in progress, usually displayed in a digital dashboard
  • After pressing Start button, Wait Next start counting the time elapsed
  • Every time the next number is called you click Next button
  • Wait Next then calculates the average between each number called and estimate your waiting time
  • At a 10 seconds interval it recalculates the estimated waiting time by adding the current waiting time


DMV without an appointment. Needless to say!

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Playing with the code?

What's next?

Turn this Web App into a social waiting app where users inform the venue where they are in line, so others may check the average time waiting before heading to that line or users can leave the line for a short period of time while still watching in real time the current number on the dashboard.

What's up with the bottom ads?

It looks and feels like a real "free" App downloaded from some store :-)


Have a bug/feature request? Please create an issue here on GitHub!


Marcel Duran


Copyright 2013 Marcel Duran

Licensed under the MIT License