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Version 3.1.8
* Custom CDNs list entry for PhantomJS. Issue #79
* Fetch assets that are missing from PhantomJS. Issue #76
* Use max-age if exists following 1.1 spec. Issue #74
* ETag IIS7+ compatible. Issue #66
* Location header fix; add YSlow version to beacon; valid protocols check. Issue #65
* Absolute url, fix for @import relative css. Issue #75
* Test failures count to PhantomJS exit status code
Version 3.1.7
* Fixed Firebug 1.12 compatibility issue thanks to Honza
Version 3.1.6
* Fixed bookmarklet yql response *result* on headers. Thanks @souders
Version 3.1.5
* Added onerror handler to PhantomJS
Version 3.1.4
* Fixed Firebug init issue
Version 3.1.3
* Fixed Firefox issue
Version 3.1.2
* Compatible with Firebug 1.10.0
* Updated Twitter bird and username
* Updated Speedometer URL
* Update CDN list
Version 3.1.1
* Added PhantomJS integration
* Added YSlow testing framework with TAP output format
* Command-line HAR: error output same as --format
* Command-line HAR: error thrown when doc is not found
Version 3.1.0
* Fixed har importer edge cases
* Issue #7 and #9: parsing of url values
* Issue #6: more CDNs
* Issue #5: correct beaconInfo preference
Version 3.0.9
* Firefox 9-11 compatible
Version 3.0.8
* Mobile viewport bugfix, wider on mobile optimized pages
* NodeJS releaase as NPM package
Version 3.0.7
* NodeJS command line support
* Mobile viewport bugfix, wider on mobile optimized pages
Version 3.0.6
* Removing preferences initialization from injected JS to avoid localStorage polution
Version 3.0.5
* Repackaging Chrome, missing options.html
Version 3.0.4
* Fixed Firebug issues:
* FirebugContext removed from latest versions
* Broken "Run Test" button
* Custom CDN loading during initalization
* Fixed empty page when clicking tools on FF5/Win
* New feature: one-click-add-cdn to CDN custom list
* Options/Preferences available on Chrome
Version 3.0.3
* Added cdn checking from HTTP headers: Server and X-CDN (currently cloudflare)
* Added Social support: Sharing YSlow results through Twitter and Facebook
* Like (Facebook) and Follow (Twitter) links on help menu
Version 3.0.2
* YSlow version available on Help;
* Presentation refactoring, using inline images.
* Fixed Chrome open new window bug due to odd screen available height
Version 3.0.1
* Warning on blocked pages where YSlow can't run, such as: about:config, chrome://extensions and Google Chrome Extensions pages (;
* Wait until the page is fully loaded before analyzing it;
* More accurate cookies size for all domains involved on the page;
* Enhanced summary per domain on CDN and DNS lookup rules;
* Fixed some minor bugs on some rules (favicon, image scale, 404, etc).
Version 3.0.0 (beta release)
* Feel at home. We have kept the user experience consistent with YSlow for Firefox;
* Added the ability to detect post onload components, including for pages that prevent itself from being embedded and/or iframed (experimental);
* Support for 3 main rulesets: default YSlow V2, Classic V1 and Small Site or Blog and the ability to create new ones based on these 3;
* Offenders in CDN rule are now listed as domains only;
* Runs multiple YSlow instances (new windows). This feature is excellent for comparing YSlow results for different pages side-by-side as shown below.
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