Yslow + PhantomJS against twitter.com fails #149

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Andrei- commented Mar 29, 2015

Just tried PhantomJS with yslow script against twitter. Doesn't seem to work.
I tried two version of phantomjs, 1.8 and 2.0.
With 1.8 I get "Failed to load undefined"
With 2.0 I get "TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating args.length)


Andrei- commented Mar 29, 2015

Same against yahoo.com. Am I doing something wrong?

Andrei- commented Mar 31, 2015

Mistery solved:
1.8 was failing because it was missing --ssl-protocol=any
2.0 was failing because .args in phantomjs.args has been removed (and probably previous reason as well)

TeaEra commented Dec 7, 2015

What should I do if I still want yslow to work under 2.0?


You can locally merge this:

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