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Nodester nodester

Nodester Phoenix, Arizona

Kyle Simpson getify

I teach JavaScript and I'd love to come help your team's developers. If that's interesting to you, please reach out to me

Getify Solutions Austin, TX

David Calhoun davidcalhoun

Transient, photographer, web developer, etc

Nicole Sullivan stubbornella

Stubbornella San Francisco

Paul Irish paulirish

Google Chrome, ♥z Palo Alto

Caridy Patiño caridy Miami, FL.

Tom Croucher sh1mmer

San Francisco, CA, USA

Philip Tellis bluesmoon

SOASTA, Inc (formerly Log-Normal, Inc) Cambridge, MA

Dav Glass davglass

I work for @yahoo doing really cool things with NodeJS. I'm also the creator of @HackSI, I mentor the local HS robotics club & I ❤️ Drones.

Yahoo Inc. Marion, IL

isaacs isaacs

npm inventor and CEO. Early contributor and former BDFL of Node.js. Author of many JavaScripts. Been making internets for a pretty long time.

npm, Inc. Oakland CA

John-David Dalton jdalton

JavaScript tinkerer, bug fixer, & benchmark runner • Creator of lodash • Former Chakra Perf PM • Current Web Apps & Frameworks PM @Microsoft.

Ryan Grove rgrove

I like pie.

@cakeco Portland, OR

Juriy Zaytsev kangax

Ever tried, ever failed, no matter. Try again, fail again, fail better.

Facebook New York