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(Unsupported) JTablet provides a simple open-source (zlib license) interface for accessing tablet input in your Java applications.
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.idea intelliJ updates
.settings - fixed install path for dll... the installer works now! (no 64bit yet)
design - restored java 1.5 compatibility
docs - added jtablet2-demo html page to docs
html - simplified the API a bit:
lib updated proguard
platform Forgot to remove chown
src-demo/cello/demo/jtablet more applet tweaks
src-examples - experimenting with the wacom web plugin using live connect
src-installer/cello/jtablet/installer - removed stack trace print out when the native library cannot be loaded
src improved support for out-of-process Java applets
www [www] added JTablet 1.2.6 link for OS X Lion, updated site again
.classpath - experimenting with the wacom web plugin using live connect
.gitignore IntelliJ workspace shouldn't be tracked (I don't think?)
LICENSE - removed old java docs
README.markdown markdown. yet another thing to learn.
build.osx.xml build tweaks
build.unix.xml Modify shared library naming, fix PKGBUILD version 1.2.4 (intermediate windows release)
build.xml downgraded jpen svn sourceforge link to http:// (due to certificate e…
jpen.patch open patch for applet/osx 10.7 support
jtablet.iml IntelliJ support
proguard.conf - fixed bug in new proguard config


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