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Mongolian DeadBeef Changelog


  • added collection.runCommand
  • renamed db.queryCommand -> db.runCommand, matching mongo shell syntax
  • gridfs tweaks
  • fixed collection._indexCache creation (bug caught by dvv) and improved ensureIndex return value consistency
  • GH-21 - collection.drop() and db.dropDatabase() not checking if callback is valid
  • GH-22 - EventEmitter error
  • GH-15/GH-29 - more robust error catching!
  • GH-24 - temporary workaround for (mongodb 0.9.4-4 ~ incompatibility
  • more tests


  • added replicaset support (automatically finds primary and detects secondaries)
    • removed keepAlive functionality (GH-19)
  • added collection.findAndModify
  • added db.eval (GH-12)
  • renamed db.drop to db.dropDatabase
  • renamed cursor.mapper to
  • fixed BSON type exports (GH-18)
  • various documentation/error message tweaks
  • couple more tests
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