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if [ -f /var/pfSenseDEV ]; then cp /scripts/ /mnt/usr/local/etc/rc.d/; chmod a+rx /mnt/usr/local/etc/rc.d/; fi;
# Lets cleanup from fake root environment
rm -rf /mnt/cloop
rm -rf /mnt/dist
rm -f /mnt/etc/rc.d/freesbie_1st
rm -f /mnt/usr/local/share/freesbie/files/
rm -f /mnt/etc/rc.local
rm -f /mnt/etc/rc.conf
rm -f /mnt/etc/rc.conf
rm -f /mnt/etc/rc.firewall
rm -f /mnt/etc/rc.sendmail
rm -f /mnt/usr/sbin/
touch /mnt/etc/rc.conf
# Copy the current running systems config.xml to the target installation area.
mkdir -p /mnt/cf/conf
cp -r /cf/conf/* /mnt/cf/conf/
# Prevent the system from asking for these twice
touch /mnt/root/.part_mount
touch /mnt/root/.first_time
# Updating boot loader
echo autoboot_delay=\"3\" >> /mnt/boot/loader.conf
echo vm.kmem_size=\"435544320\" >> /mnt/boot/loader.conf
echo vm.kmem_size_max=\"535544320\" >> /mnt/boot/loader.conf
echo kern.ipc.nmbclusters=\"0\" >> /mnt/boot/loader.conf
cd /mnt && rm -rf cloop/ dist/ boot/mfsroot.gz
rm -f /mnt/etc/motd
# Set platform back to pfSense to prevent freesbie_1st from running
echo "pfSense" > /mnt/etc/platform
# Remove TCSHRC installer alias
grep -v lua_installer /root/.tcshrc > /mnt/root/.tcshrc
rm -rf /mnt/scripts
find /mnt/ -name installer -or -name lua_installer -exec rm {} \;
find /mnt/ -name 000.unionfs -or -name lua_installer -exec rm {} \;
# Self destruct myself.
rm -f /mnt/usr/local/bin/
# Let parent script know that a install really happened
touch /tmp/install_complete
chmod a-w /mnt/boot/loader.rc
chflags schg /mnt/boot/loader.rc
mkdir -p /mnt/var/installer_logs
cp /tmp/install.disklabel /mnt/var/installer_logs
cp /tmp/install.disklabel* /mnt/var/installer_logs
cp /tmp/installer.log /mnt/var/installer_logs
cp /tmp/ /mnt/var/installer_logs
cp /tmp/new.fdisk /mnt/var/installer_logs
mkdir -p /mnt/var/db/pkg
cd /var/db/pkg ; tar -cpf - . | (cd /mnt/var/db/pkg ; tar -xpf -)
# If the platform is vmware, lets do some fixups.
if [ -f /var/IS_VMWARE ]; then echo "" >> /mnt/etc/sysctl.conf; echo "kern.timecounter.hardware=i8254" >> /mnt/etc/sysctl.conf; echo kern.hz="100" >> /mnt/boot/loader.conf; fi;
# Remove the PCBSD installer items, we do not need it once we are installed
if [ -d /mnt/usr/sbin/pc-sysinstall ]; then rm -rf /mnt/usr/sbin/pc-sysinstall; fi;
#Sync disks