Torneira is a lightweight and rapid web framework build on top of Tornado
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Torneira - Lightweight Web Framework

Torneira is a lightweight web framework build on top of Tornado. It's name came from the idea of getting rapid and fluid development ('torneira' is the portuguese word for water tap).

Build Status


Torrneira is available under PyPI. You can install using pip:

$ pip install torneira

Quick start

To build an app using torneira, you just need 3 files: one for your urls definitions (normally, one for settings ( and another for your handlers ( The Application and HTTPServer stuff is already setup to you.

To start the server on por 8888, just run the following command in the base directory of your app:

$ torneira

In the directory demos/simple_app/ there is a minimal app already configured. If you want to see a more complex app that uses more available features, take a look at demos/more_complex_app.

To see all options that torneira command support, run:

$ torneira --help


Send a pull request (preferred) or patches using git format-patch. Also, torneira comes with some tests in tests/ directory. Make sure you don't break anything accidentally and also write some tests for your fix/feature.


Please report any issues on GitHub issues.


  • Tornado (tested with 2.3 and 2.4)

Optional dependencies:

  • Mako (if you want to use Mako templates instead of built-in tornado.template)
  • SQL Alchemy (only if using torneira.models)

On Python 2.5 we also need simplejson module.