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This is a very quick and dirty way of setting up a PAGI application via FastAGI.
You might find the code useful even to launching your own non-PAGI apps.
Copy config.ini.example to config.ini.
Edit config.ini
The [php] section can be filled with options to be set by ini_set automagically.
The [server] section customizes things like address to listen for connections:
* listen: address:port
* pid: Absolute path to where to write the pid file of the server
The [application] section contains some very specific options related to PAGI:
* log4php: Absolute path to file to be used by your PAGI app.
* bootstrap: Absolute path to be required prior to executing your PAGI app (typically
will set an include path or require some other files).
* class: The name of your PAGIApplication class.
Just do a
$ php fastagi.php /path/to/my/config.ini &
You may kill(1) the process if you want to terminate it.
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