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PHP AGI ( Asterisk Gateway Interface ) facade, with CDR ( Call Detail Record ), Call spool and schedule auto dial, Send and Receive Fax, Channel Variables, and Caller ID management

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This software is still in development, stay tuned.

This framework is intended to simply making agi applications. You will 
extend PAGIApplication like:

class MyPAGIApplication extends PAGIApplication
    public function init()
        $client = $this->getAgi();

    public function shutdown()
        $client = $this->getAgi();

    public function run()

    public function errorHandler($type, $message, $file, $line)

    public function signalHandler($signal)

and that's your application ;) Please see the api for more details. 
you signal handler, error handler, init, and shutdown methods are automatically
setup and called.

Please see docs/examples/quickstart for a very basic example. You'll need
something like this in your dialplan:

switch => Realtime
exten => 1,1,AGI(/tmp/PAGI/docs/examples/quickstart/,a,b,c,d)
exten => 1,n,Hangup
Available Facades
PAGI\Client\CDR: Provided to access cdr variables.
PAGI\Client\ChannelVariables: Provided to access channel variables.
PAGI\Client\CallerID: Provided to access caller id variables.
Debugging, logging

You need log4php ( if you want debugging
output from the container. Just make sure you copy it to the include_path and
Ding will pick it up from there.

This means that this is NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR A DEPLOY. It's not even a
requirement at develop time (except when you really want debug output).
You can use the included example of a file in

Of course it is recommended that you do not set DEBUG output in your log4php
configuration (or remove it from the include path so PAGI will notice and not
use it). This *will* create a difference in performance.
* build.xml is a phing build file, not ant.
* It's very possible that you may need to edit
* Available main targets: all, build, test, report.
* Tools run: phpdoc, phploc, phpcs, phpmd, phpcpd, phpdepend, phpunit.
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