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PHP Asterisk Manager Interface ( AMI ) supports synchronous command ( action )/ responses and asynchronous events using the pattern observer-listener. Supports commands with responses with multiple events. Very suitable for development of operator consoles and / or asterisk / channels / peers monitoring through SOA, etc



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PAMI means PHP Asterisk Manager Interface. As its name suggests its just a set of php classes that will let you issue commands to an ami and/or receive events, using an observer-listener pattern.

The idea behind this, is to easily implement operator consoles, monitors, etc. either via SOA or ajax.

A port for nodejs is available at: A port for erlang is available at:


PHP Versions

Note: PAMI Requires PHP 5.3+. PHP versions 5.3.9 and 5.3.10 WILL NOT WORK due to a bug introduced in stream_get_line() in 5.3.9. Please use 5.3.11+ or up to 5.3.8 (see README.PHP-5.3.9-and-5.3.10).


Add this library to your Composer configuration. In composer.json:

  "require": {
    "marcelog/pami": "2.*"


For an in-depth tutorial:

// Make sure you include the composer autoload.
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$options = array(
    'host' => '',
    'scheme' => 'tcp://',
    'port' => 9999,
    'username' => 'asd',
    'secret' => 'asd',
    'connect_timeout' => 10,
    'read_timeout' => 10
$client = new \PAMI\Client\Impl\ClientImpl($options);

// Registering a closure
$client->registerEventListener(function ($event) {

// Register a specific method of an object for event listening
$client->registerEventListener(array($listener, 'handle'));

// Register an IEventListener:

Using Predicates

A second (optional) argument can be used when registering the event listener: a closure that will be evaluated before calling the callback. The callback will be called only if this predicate returns true:

use PAMI\Message\Event\DialEvent;

    array($listener, 'handleDialStart'),
    function ($event) {
        return $event instanceof DialEvent && $event->getSubEvent() == 'Begin';


Please see docs/examples/quickstart/example.php for a very basic example.

AsterTrace is a full application:

Also, you might want to look at this article:

For an example of using asynchronous AGI with PAMI, see docs/examples/asyncagi

The march edition of Software Developer Journal features a complete article about writing telephony applications with PAMI and PAGI.

Currently Supported Events

More events will be added with time. I can only add the ones I can test for and use, so your contributions may make the difference! ;)

Unknown (not yet implemented) events will be reported as UnknownEvent, so you can still catch them. If you catch one of these, please report it!

  • AgentsComplete
  • AgentConnect
  • Agentlogin
  • Agentlogoff
  • AGIExec
  • AsyncAGI
  • Bridge
  • BridgeInfoChannel
  • BridgeInfoComplete
  • CEL
  • ChannelUpdate
  • ConfbridgeEnd
  • ConfbridgeJoin
  • ConfbridgeLeave
  • ConfbridgeList
  • ConfbridgeListComplete
  • ConfbridgeMute
  • ConfbridgeStart
  • ConfbridgeTalking
  • ConfbridgeUnmute
  • CoreShowChannel
  • CoreShowChannelComplete
  • DAHDIShowChannel
  • DAHDIShowChannelsComplete
  • FullyBooted
  • DongleSMSStatus
  • DongleUSSDStatus
  • DongleNewUSSD
  • DongleNewUSSDBase64
  • DongleNewCUSD
  • DongleStatus
  • DongleDeviceEntry
  • DongleShowDevicesComplete
  • DBGetResponse
  • Dial
  • DTMF
  • Extension
  • Hangup
  • Hold
  • JabberEvent
  • Join
  • Leave
  • Link
  • ListDialplan
  • Masquerade
  • MessageWaiting
  • MusicOnHold
  • NewAccountCode
  • NewCallerid
  • Newchannel
  • Newexten
  • Newstate
  • OriginateResponse
  • ParkedCall
  • ParkedCallsComplete
  • PeerEntry
  • PeerlistComplete
  • PeerStatus
  • QueueMember
  • QueueMemberAdded
  • QueueMemberRemoved
  • QueueMemberPause
  • QueueMemberStatus
  • QueueParams
  • QueueStatusComplete
  • QueueSummaryComplete
  • RegistrationsComplete
  • Registry
  • Rename
  • RTCPReceived
  • RTCPReceiver
  • RTCPSent
  • RTPReceiverStat
  • RTPSenderStat
  • ShowDialPlanComplete
  • Status
  • StatusComplete
  • Transfer
  • Unlink
  • UnParkedCall
  • UserEvent
  • VarSet
  • vgsm_me_state
  • vgsm_net_state
  • vgsm_sms_rx
  • VoicemailUserEntry
  • VoicemailUserEntryComplete

Currently Supported Actions

  • AbsoluteTimeout
  • AGI
  • Agents
  • AgentLogoff
  • Atxfer (asterisk 1.8?)
  • Bridge
  • BridgeInfo
  • ChangeMonitor
  • Command
  • ConfbridgeList
  • ConfbridgeMute
  • ConfbridgeUnmute
  • CoreSettings
  • CoreShowChannels
  • CoreStatus
  • DAHDIDialOffHookAction
  • DAHDIHangup
  • DAHDIRestart
  • DAHDIShowChannels
  • DBGet
  • DBPut
  • DBDel
  • DBDelTree
  • DongleSendSMS
  • DongleSendUSSD
  • DongleSendPDU
  • DongleReload
  • DongleStop
  • DongleStart
  • DongleRestart
  • DongleReset
  • DongleShowDevices
  • ExtensionState
  • CreateConfig
  • GetConfig
  • GetConfigJSON
  • GetVar
  • Hangup
  • JabberSend
  • LocalOptimizeAway
  • Login
  • Logoff
  • ListCategories
  • ListCommands
  • MailboxCount
  • MailboxStatus
  • MeetmeList
  • MeetmeMute
  • MeetmeUnmute
  • MixMonitor
  • ModuleCheck
  • ModuleLoad (split in ModuleLoad, ModuleUnload, and ModuleReload)
  • Monitor
  • Originate
  • ParkedCalls
  • PauseMonitor
  • Ping
  • PlayDTMF
  • Queues
  • QueueAdd
  • Queue
  • QueueLog
  • QueuePause
  • QueuePenalty
  • QueueReload
  • QueueRemove
  • QueueReset
  • QueueRule
  • QueueSummary
  • QueueStatus
  • QueueUnpause
  • Redirect
  • Reload
  • SendText
  • SetVar
  • ShowDialPlan
  • Sipnotify
  • Sippeers
  • Sipqualifypeer
  • Sipshowpeer
  • Sipshowregistry
  • Status
  • StopMixMonitor
  • StopMonitor
  • UnpauseMonitor
  • VoicemailUsersList

Debugging, logging

You can optionally set a PSR-3 compatible logger:


By default, the client will use the NullLogger.


This project uses phing. Current tasks include:

Running a phing task

To run a task, just do:

vendor/bin/phing build


To contribute:

  • Make sure you open a concise and short pull request.
  • Throw in any needed unit tests to accomodate the new code or the changes involved.
  • Run phing and make sure everything is ok before submitting the pull request (make phpmd and CodeSniffer happy, also make sure that phpDocumentor does not throw any warnings, since all our documentation is automatically generated).
  • Your code must comply with PSR-2, CodeSniffer should take care of that.


Copyright 2016 Marcelo Gornstein

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Thanks To

  • Jason Blank for helping in the debugging of the queue functionality and some other ami inconsistencies.

  • Francesco Usseglio Gaudi, for help in debugging the Originate action.

  • Matías Barletta, for the vgms support.

  • Eli Hunter, for helping in bringing in tls compatibility.

  • Freddy dafredmail at googlemail, for his help and testing environment to add dongle support.

  • Joshua Elson for his help in trying and debugging in loaded asterisk servers.

  • Jacob Kiers for his help in bringing in and testing async agi functionality, and CEL event support.

  • Richard Baar for noticing the lack of eof support when reading from socket, the JabberEvent, and the ScreenName in JabberAction.

  • Scot Opell for helping in debugging stream_get_line() in 5.3.9 and 5.3.10

  • Brian (wormling) for trying and fixing bugs on asyncagi

  • Henning Bragge for helping with newstate event and queues.

  • mbonneau for ParkedCall and UnParkedCall events.


PHP Asterisk Manager Interface ( AMI ) supports synchronous command ( action )/ responses and asynchronous events using the pattern observer-listener. Supports commands with responses with multiple events. Very suitable for development of operator consoles and / or asterisk / channels / peers monitoring through SOA, etc








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