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Pyramid TODOs
- Fix deployment recipes in cookbook (discourage proxying without changing
- Use waitress instead of wsgiref.
- pyramid.config.util.ActionInfo.__str__ potentially returns Unicode under
Py2, fix.
- Tests for view names/route patterns that contain Unicode.
- Modify the urldispatch chapter examples to assume a scan rather than
- Decorator for append_slash_notfound_view_factory?
- Introspection:
* ``default root factory`` category?
* ``default view mapper`` category?
* get rid of "tweens" category (can't sort properly?)
* implement ptweens and proutes based on introspection instead of current
state of affairs.
* introspection hiding for directives?
- Fix deployment recipes in cookbook (discourage proxying without changing
- CherryPy server testing / exploded from CherryPy itself.
- Try "with transaction.manager" in an exception view with SQLA (preempt
homina homina response about how to write "to the database" from within in
an exception view).
- Add a default-view-config-params decorator that can be applied to a class
which names defaults for method-based view_config decorator options.
- Add narrative docs for wsgiapp and wsgiapp2.
- Flesh out "Paste" narrative docs chapter.
- Basic WSGI documentation (pipeline / app / server).
- Change docs about creating a venusian decorator to not use ZCA.
- Try to better explain the relationship between a renderer and a template in
the templates chapter and elsewhere. Scan the documentation for reference
to a renderer as *only* view configuration (it's a larger concept now).
- Add better docs about what-to-do-when-behind-a-proxy: paste.urlmap ("/foo =
app1" and "domain app1.localhost = app1"), ProxyPreserveHost and the nginx
equivalent, preserving HTTPS URLs.
- _fix_registry should dictify the registry being fixed.
- Make "localizer" a property of request (instead of requiring
- Alias the stupid long default session factory name.
- Debug option to print view matching decision (e.g. debug_viewlookup or so).
- Non-bwcompat use of threadlocals that need to be documented or ameliorated:
resource.OverrideProvider._get_overrides: can't credibly be removed,
because it stores an overrideprovider as a module-scope global.
traversal.traverse: this API is a stepchild, and needs to be changed.
Configurator.add_translation_dirs: not passed any context but a message,
can't credibly be removed.
- Deprecate (it only works for
- Create a function which performs a recursive request.
- Create a ``render_view`` that works by using config.derive_view against an
existing view callable instead of querying the registry (some sort of API
for rendering a view callable object to a response from within another view
callable). Possible idea: have config.add_view mark up the
function/method/class like @view_config does, then use the attached info to
derive a view callable whenever called via some API.
- Provide a ``has_view`` function.
- Update App engine chapter with less creaky directions.
- 1.4: Kill off ``bfg.routes`` envvars in router.
- 1.4: Remove ``chameleon_text`` / ``chameleon_zpt`` deprecated functions
- 1.4: Remove ``pyramid.configuration.ConfigurationError`` (deprecated).
- 1.4: Remove ``pyramid.paster.PyramidTemplate`` (deprecated).
- 1.4: Remove ``pyramid.settings.get_settings`` (deprecated).
- 1.5: Remove all deprecated ``pyramid.testing`` functions.
- 1.5: turn ``pyramid.settings.Settings`` into a function that returns the
original dict (after ``__getattr__`` deprecation period, it was deprecated
in 1.2).
- 1.5: Remove ``pyramid.requests.DeprecatedRequestMethodsMixin``.
Probably Bad Ideas
- Add functionality that mocks the behavior of ``repoze.browserid``.
- Consider implementing the API outlined in, phasing out the
current auth-n-auth abstractions in a backwards compatible way.
- Maybe add ``add_renderer_globals`` method to Configurator.
- Supply ``X-Vhm-Host`` support (probably better to do what paste#prefix
middleware does).
- Have ``remember`` and ``forget`` actually set headers on the response using
a response callback (and return the empty list)?
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