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Implements a set of tools for code generation for Rails apps. It's based on Theodoro's MDWA approach for web applications.
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MDWA - A MDD Approach for Ruby on Rails

MDWA is a model-driven approach, built by Marcelo Theodoro, to ease the process of develop web applications. MDD gem includes a set of code generation tools to automate repetitive task during Rails development, such as:

  • Sandbox environment: Provides a clean environment with user authentication, namespace separation and more;
  • CSS templating: YUI3 grid system and beautiful styling
  • Multiple layouts
  • Smart scaffold generator

How to start?

MDD is based on top of Rails 3.1, including asset pipeline feature. Add it to your Gemfile with:

gem 'mdd'

Run the bundle command to install it.

After you install MDD and add it to your Gemfile, you need to run the generator:

rails generate mdwa:sandbox

This generator will setup the clean sandbox environment with:

Check the result:

  • Public pages: http://localhost:3000
  • Private area: http://localhost:3000/a

The private area requires user authentication. The generator will create a default user:

Password: admin123
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