Attempt to describe the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Protocol
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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Protocol

Attempt to describe the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Protocol

These commands are send using the Xiaomi mi-home protocol

Applications implementing this protocol

Vacuum Commands

Type Command Description
START_VACUUM app_start Start vacuuming
STOP_VACUUM app_stop Stop vacuuming
START_SPOT app_spot Start spot cleaning
PAUSE app_pause Pause cleaning
CHARGE app_charge Start charging
FIND_ME find_me Send findme
CONSUMABLES_GET get_consumable Get consumables status
CONSUMABLES_RESET reset_consumable Reset consumables
CLEAN_SUMMARY_GET get_clean_summary Cleaning details
CLEAN_RECORD_GET get_clean_record Cleaning details
CLEAN_RECORD_MAP_GET get_clean_record_map Get the map reference of a historical cleaning
GET_MAP get_map_v1 Get Map
GET_STATUS get_status Get Status information
GET_SERIAL_NUMBER get_serial_number Get Serial #
DND_GET get_dnd_timer Do Not Disturb Settings
DND_SET set_dnd_timer Set the do not disturb timings
DND_CLOSE close_dnd_timer Disable the do not disturb function
TIMER_SET set_timer Add a timer
TIMER_UPDATE upd_timer Activate/deactivate a timer
TIMER_GET get_timer Get Timers
TIMER_DEL del_timer Remove a timer
TIMERZONE_GET get_timezone Get timezone
TIMERZONE_SET set_timezone Set timezone
SOUND_INSTALL dnld_install_sound Voice pack installation
SOUND_GET_CURRENT get_current_sound Current voice
SOUND_GET_VOLUME get_sound_volume -
LOG_UPLOAD_GET get_log_upload_status -
LOG_UPLOAD_ENABLE enable_log_upload -
SET_MODE set_custom_mode Set the vacuum level
GET_MODE get_custom_mode Get the vacuum level
REMOTE_START app_rc_start Start remote control
REMOTE_END app_rc_end End remote control
REMOTE_MOVE app_rc_move Remote control move command
GET_GATEWAY get_gateway Get current gatway

Robo Vacuum v2 and v1 with firmware versions 3.3.9_003194 or newer

Type Command Description
START_ZONE app_zoned_clean Start zone vacuum
GOTO_TARGET app_goto_target Send vacuum to coordinates

Generic MiIO Commands

Type Command Description
INFO Get device info
ROUTER miIO.config_router Set Wifi settings of the device
OTA miIO.ota Update firmware over air
OTA_PROG miIO.get_ota_progress Update firmware over air Progress
OTA_STATE miIO.get_ota_state Update firmware over air Status

Suggestions & improvements very welcome!