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Voice Pack Installation Command

This command initiates the download and installation of voicefiles


Key Value Comment
method dnld_install_sound
id [Integer] is returned in the response used to link the send message to the response.
params {"md5":"#MD5#","sid":1005,"url":"http://PATH TO SERVER/FILE.pkg","sver":2} md5 = md5 checksum of the soundfile, sid = id of soundfile, url = url to download, sver = version of the soundfile for robot v2 and v1 with firmware versions 3.3.9_003194 or newer


{"id": 1, "method": "dnld_install_sound", "params": {"md5":"#MD5#","sid":1005,"url":"http://PATH TO SERVER/FILE.pkg","sver":2} }

Example Response

Standard response to succeeded commands

{ "result": 0, "id": 17694 }

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