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OpenData SMN

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OpenData SMN is a simple REST API for SwissMetNet data. It's developed in the open supporting the initiative. Free OpenData hosting is provided by Netcetera at

The actual data for 10min intervals is provided by, the Swiss open government data portal.

Rather than manually maintaining an (often outdated) API documentation here OpenData SMN relies on Swagger. It provides an automatically generated, 100% up-to-date and - best of all - executable API documentation. Each REST operation can be executed directly from the Swagger UI.

v1.1 supports GeoJSON through Accept header content negotiation.


You can very easily host this tiny app yourself with Docker or in the cloud.


There's a Docker image at for the following architectures:

  • linux/amd64,
  • linux/arm/v7
  • linux/arm64

The ARM images allow you to run this on Raspberry Pi.


Every cloud is different but here's an example. Running this on Heroku (free!) is super easy.

  • On GitHub: fork this repo
  • On Heroku: apen an account, create a new app (ignore the pipeline settings), connect your GitHub fork for the deployment, tell Heroku to deploy the heroku branch. Done!


Please have a look at the contributing guidelines if you want to improve this project.


MIT © Marcel Stör

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