EditorNotes in Umbraco 7 like the uComponents Notes thing
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EditorNotes For Umbraco 7

This is a port to Umbraco 7 of Matt Brailsford's Editor Notes package that was available in uComponents in Umbraco 4/6.

It enables you to create a new 'read only' property to add to your document types; for the purpose of providing additional information to an editor within the context of the document type. You use a rich text editor to create the read only property so you can add links / embed videos etc. 

It's great for parts of the site you're building that perhaps only gets updated every few months, just long enough for an editor to forget the convoluted mechanism you have designed for them and also forgotten; adding notes or a video can circumvent the need for an editor to ask for a 're-explaination'.

See the following blog post for more information:


Available as a Nuget Package:

Install-Package tooorangey.uEditorNotes

Available on Our Umbraco: