A sample utility for importing data from IBM AS/400 to Apache CouchDB.
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As400 to CouchDB

Tiny Java utility for reading data from AS/400 database, convert it to JSON, and import it to CouchDB database.

It is NOT a generic tool. You will need to edit the code to use it.

I am sharing it because it was very hard for me to find working code and good documentation for this task.

With time I will improve it and add documentation for others to use.


It is an Eclipse Java project, so the easiest way is to import it in Eclipse. Since it is also a Maven project, I also recommend installing m2e plugin.

You can build an executable jar package with Maven:

mvn package

But first you should manually install jt400 with something like:

mvn install:install-file \
     -Dfile=lib/jt400.jar \
     -DgroupId=it.nuccioservizi.jars \
     -DartifactId=jt400 \
     -Dversion=1 -Dpackaging=jar

I put a script in `bin/install-jt400_jar' for convenience. This is because public maven packages are quite old.


You must create a local.properties file with your local settings (usernames, passwords, ...). Or pass them via command line.

Run it as a console Java application.


It all started by the need to build a CouchApp backed by some data available on a legacy as400 system.

Java was chosen for driver support. The open-source jt400 drivers are the best I have found to query an as400 DB. They deal perfectly with character encodings (as400 does not use UTF-8) and they work seamlessly on any platform.

Documentation was the real problem (how to make it work through an SSH tunnel?). So I have decided to share this code hoping it will be useful to others.