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Query tool for as400 returning JSON objects.

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Command line tool to query an AS/400 server and return results as JSON. It uses the JTOpen Java library from IBM.

It was created to extract data from an AS/400 for consumption into a web application built on CouchDB.


Build is automated using Gradle.

To configure the eclipse project, launch:

gradle eclipse

and import the existing project in Eclipse.

Use gradle distTar to build a distributable package. Use gradle installApp to install into build/install/.



Create a file in the working directory. Look a for an enumeration of all properties.

Put your queries in a queries folder in the working directory: a query named onequery is found into queries/onequery.sql.

Each query is parsed with MVEL as an MVEL template. The parameters are taken from the command line as parameter=value pairs.


To run the query onequery with parameters a=b and c=d use:

./bin/As400Querier onequery a=b c=d
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