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Remote JS execution in multiple browsers / without browser...

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Simple tool, that allows you to execute JavaScript code in multiple browsers or just in Node.js



sudo npm install slim-jim -g

# or install in local folder
npm install slim-jim

You can install SlimJim even without NPM, just clone the git repo and create symlinks:

git clone git://
sudo ln -s $PWD/slim-jim/bin/slim-jim /usr/local/bin/slim-jim
sudo ln -s $PWD/slim-jim/bin/slim-jim-run /usr/local/bin/slim-jim-run

What is this good for ?

Mostly for testing you code in multiple browsers (desktop, mobile, tablets):

  • executing tests on continuous integration server
  • executing tests during development

SlimJim does not provide any testing framework, so you can use anything you like. It's main goal is to be stable and highly extensible.

Why am I doing this ?

During development of AngularJS, we've been using JSTD for testing. I really think, it's great idea. Unfortunately, we had many problems with JSTD, so we decided to write our own tool, without testing frameworks or anything you actually don't need. Just simple tool for execution JavaScript, that is stable and fast. That's why we use awesome library. More than that, with Node.js, we can execute javascript even without any browser, which is much faster, so it's very helpful during development, when we need to get the feedback as quick as possible.

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