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+Welcome to CFConcurent
+CFConcurrent simplifies the use of the Java Concurrency Framework
+([java tutorial]( |[javadoc](
+in ColdFusion applications.
+ Although CFThread is suitable for management-free fire-and-forget concurrency, robust production applications
+ require higher-level abstractions and a greater degree of control.
+ The Java Concurrency Framework (JCF) provides such improvements.
+ You create CFCs that act as "tasks" that return results.
+ You submit those tasks to the JCF for execution.
+ You can then retrieve the execution results immediately when they are available,
+ or you can create a periodic "polling" task which processes the completed results.
+ In addition, you can easily create cancelable, pausable scheduled tasks directly in your code (think: heartbeats, daemons),
+ freeing you from the 1-minute limitation of ColdFusion's scheduled task implementation.
+ CFConcurrent's goals are:
+* Simplify Java object and proxy creation
+* Expose common patterns as generic services
+* Expose extensible base components
+* Do not over-reach
+* Limit protectionist tendencies
+You want to see code. CFConcurrent ships with running examples and a suite of MXUnit tests. Docs are in the wiki:
+Support or Contact
+Post issues to
+Pull requests should have accompanying MXUnit tests.

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