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<!--- pass 'false' in the URL to use the mongo jars in your cfusion lib directory --->
<cfparam name="url.useJavaLoader" default="true">
<cfparam name="variables.dbName" default="mongorocks">
if( url.useJavaLoader ){
//the fastest way to try out cfmongodb is using Mark Mandel's javaloader, which we ship with cfmongodb. Thanks Mark!
//use the cfmongodb javaloader factory
javaloaderFactory = createObject('component','cfmongodb.core.JavaloaderFactory').init();
//create a default MongoConfig instance; in your real apps, you'll create an object that extends MongoConfig and put your environment specific config in there
//here we initialize it with a db named 'mongorocks'
mongoConfig = createObject('component','cfmongodb.core.MongoConfig').init(dbName=variables.dbName, mongoFactory=javaloaderFactory);
mongoConfig = createObject('component','cfmongodb.core.MongoConfig').init(dbName=variables.dbName);
//initialize the core cfmongodb Mongo object
mongo = createObject('component','cfmongodb.core.Mongo').init(mongoConfig);