Add Geo support in SearchBuilder.cfc #8

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marcesher commented Dec 21, 2010

Mongo Supports lightweight geospatial searching, described here:

I've added an ensureGeoIndex function into Mongo.cfc for creating the indexes, and you can currently use cfmongodb. to perform geo queries like so:

nearResult = mongo.query( collection ).add( "LOC", {"$near" = [38,-85]} ).search(limit=10);

But this is not idiomatic CFMongoDB and I'd like to add functions in SearchBuilder for building up the handful of geo queries.

I'm thinking something like:

mongo.query(coll).$near(field, min, max);

mongo.query(coll).$near(field, min, max, maxDistance);

we'd want support for $within, both "box" and "center", which would probably translate into

withinBox(..) and withinCenter(...)

Anything else?

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