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New methods:
--- Batch API support through Koala::Facebook::GraphAPI.batch (thanks, seejohnrun!)
+-- Added Batch API support (thanks, seejohnrun and spiegela!)
-- includes file uploads, error handling, and FQL
+-- Added GraphAPI#put_video
-- Added GraphAPI#get_comments_for_urls (thanks, amrnt!)
-- Added RestAPI#fql_multiquery, which simplifies the results (thanks, amrnt!)
+-- HTTP services support global proxy and timeout settings (thanks, itchy!)
+-- Net::HTTP supports global ca_path, ca_file, and verify_mode settings (thanks, spiegela!)
Updated methods:
-- RealtimeUpdates now uses a GraphAPI object instead of its own API
-- RestAPI#rest_call now has an optional last argument for method, for calls requiring POST, DELETE, etc. (thanks, sshilo!)
@@ -12,11 +15,10 @@ Updated methods:
Internal improvements:
-- HTTP services are more modular and can be changed on the fly (thanks, chadk!)
-- Includes support for uploading StringIOs and other non-files via Net::HTTP even when using TyphoeusService
--- Support for global proxy and timeout settings (thanks, itchy!)
--- Support for global ca_path, ca_file, and verify_mode settings for Net::HTTP (thanks, spiegela!)
-- Koala now uses multi_json to improve compatibility with Rubinius and other Ruby versions
-- Koala now uses the modern Typhoeus API (thanks, aselder!)
-- Koala now uses the current modern Net::HTTP interface (thanks, romanbsd!)
+-- Fixed bugs and typos (thanks, waynn, mokevnin, and tikh!)
New methods:

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