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title: Marc G Gauthier - About
category: about
description: "Personnal website and blog talking about Ruby on Rails, project management, JavaScript, startups, Git, Elixir, teaching and more."
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<span>I build useful software and help others do the same</span>
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My main focus is on my job of Director of Engineering, leading the technical team at
<a href="" class="drivy" target="_blank">Drivy</a>,
the largest european peer to peer car rental company.
Aside from this, I provide dedicated coaching for various early stage startups,
including YC alumni companies.
Finally, I'm also teaching online (OpenClassrooms) or in front of students (HETIC, HEC...)
I've also been blogging for the past 5 years. If you'd like to get a feel of
what I've had my mind on, you can take a look at a few of my most successful articles:
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You can reach me via
<a href="" class="twitter" target="_blank">@marcgg</a>
on Twitter, my
<a href="" class="linkedin" target="_blank">LinkedIn</a>
account or my email "marcg.gauthier-at-gmail-dot-com". If you want
to hire me, please check out <a href="/hire/">this page</a>
before contacting me.
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