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Via Composer

  1. Get Composer
  2. Learn Composer
  3. Define the requirement in your project composer.json file:
"require": {
    "cheddargetter/client": "*"
  1. Run composer install from your command line.
  2. Make sure you either have the cUrl extension installed in your PHP build or Zend_Http_Client (ZF1) is available via autoload. Our composer.json only suggests these packages but one or the other is required unless you build your own HTTP adapter (see below).


Just put everything into a directory called 'CheddarGetter' in your include path.

As a Git submodule

git clone git:// /path/to/includepath/CheddarGetter

The 'CheddarGetter' directory must not exist prior to running the above command.

Just download it, geez

Download and unzip the files and put them in a directory called /path/to/includepath/CheddarGetter

Basic Usage

    $client = new CheddarGetter_Client(
    $customers = $client->getCustomers();
    echo $customers->toJson();

Advanced Usage

The adapter pattern (thanks to is used so you can specify your own http adapter and/or super globals access adapter. The default built-in adapters use cUrl for http communication, and super globals are accessed directly. Also included are Zend Framework compatible adapters. If you've created an adapter of your own that should be included, just send us a pull request from your fork. Here's an example using a custom HTTP adapter:

    $client = new CheddarGetter_Client(
        new MyHTTPAdapter()
    $customers = $client->getCustomers();
    echo $customers->toJson();

Specify a custom HTTP adapter

        new MyCustomClient()

Specify a custom super globals access adapter

        new MyCustomAdapter()


Asking questions

Support Forum

The best way to ask questions is via the CheddarGetter Support Forum.

GitHub Issues

You're also welcome to open a new issue if your inquiry is of a technical nature.

Writing code

Pull requests are welcome! Please fork us, write and issue a pull request. Learn more about contributing to open source projects via GitHub


Check 'em out in the /docs directory or as hosted on GitHub:

Also, raw API docs are here:

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