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What is this?

mimi is an improved verision of xdg-open. The original xdg-open works horribly without DE environment.


  1. you can define a list of 'how-to-open' in '~/.config/mimi/mime.conf' (read below for format)
  2. or you are lazy, mimi will search a best-fit app using .desktop file. Best fit is defined as the first option sorted by mime order and then , if they have the same mime order, reverse sorted by generality

    For example, the best-fit app says it can open 'text/html' in the very beginning of its mime definition. if two or more apps have the same priority, then we choose the app that can open the most number of file types.

search order

for example, I want to define how to open 'text/html'. mime will search in order like this

  1. 'txt' in your config
  2. in your config (i.e. http, ftp, magnet) ...etc.
  3. 'text/html' in your config
  4. 'text/' in your config
  5. 'text/html' in .desktop
  6. 'text/' in .desktop
  7. if mimi still cannot find anything, it will open dmenu and bug you.


  1. sometimes, mimi is smart enough to figure out protocol based on mime-type when it searches for .desktop.
  2. sometimes, if an app requires a terminal to run (ncurses programs), mimi is able to find one terminal app in .desktop.


this is my own stuff

text/: xterm -e vim
application/pdf: zathura
video/: vlc
image/: feh
audio/: vlc
application/x-tar: xterm -e 2a
application/x-gzip: xterm -e 2a
application/x-bzip2: xterm -e 2a
application/x-rar: xterm -e 2a
application/x-xz: xterm -e 2a
application/zip: xterm -e 2a
inode/directory: xterm -e ranger

it can be simplified by using:

rar: xterm -e 2a

but if you have time, using mime-type is more precise