Generates realistic world maps using simulated tectonic plate action and simulating drainage to form rivers and lakes.
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The Tectonic Map Generator is a project I created many years ago as one of my early forays into test-driven deveopment.

It was the culmination of a series of projects in various programming languages I have made over the years to produce realistic looking world maps with plausible mountains, coasts and rivers.

It supports cylindrical, sinusoidal and sinusoidal separated projections.

The results weren't quite what I was aiming for, and many improvements to the UI, the display colours, and some fine points of map generation were left undone, but it might amuse people who like maps, and someday I may improve it.

You can run the application on Windows by running mapgen.bat on Windows or on Linux/Unix environments. These assume you have Java installed properly already.

For more detailed technical info, see this document.