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Experimental code for creating a geo-AR app for iPhone with Appcelerator Titanium mobile
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This code spawned from some basic experiments I've been doing with augmented reality on Titanium Mobile over iOS.

Here I provide a sample Titanium Mobile project that shows some very basic geo-AR functionality where text labels representing actual points of interest are correctly overlaid on a camera view.

The code works perfectly in the iPhone simulator, but it still has some problems I didn't have time to address, when executed on the device.

Originally I've been posting it on the Titanium Q&A forum:

It turns out that Appcelerator guys refurbished it and included some parts of it in their super-cool ARti sample AR app (wich works also on the real device):

I'm planning to turn this into a more manageable JS library when I'll get some time to work on it.

For any questions just drop me a mail at olivier.morandi [[[at]]]

You might also want to follow me on Twitter at

This code is released under the MIT license

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