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Azure's packer generated VMs with managed disks
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Azure's packer generated VMs with managed disks


Uses same codebase and rules as



To adjust to your Azure subscription, please check:

  • secrets are being provided as vars file or passed as environmental variables
  • example of secrets you'll need is ./secrets/secrets-example.json - adjust it to your needs
    "azure_ad_tenant_id": "some-tenant-id",
    "azure_subscription_id": "some-subscription_id",
    "app_id": "some-app-id",
    "client_secret": "some-client-secret",
    "managed_image_resource_group_name": "some-resource-group-name",
    "location": "some-location"

Windows machines

  • all available updates will be applied (3 passes)

  • latest chocolatey and packages will be installed:

    Package Version
    puppet-agent 5.5.10
    conemu latest
    dotnet4.7.2 latest
    sysinternals latest
  • latest Nuget poweshell module

  • puppet agent settings will be customized (server=foreman.spcph.local). Please adjust it (/extra/scripts/phase-3.ps1) to suit your needs.

Linux Machines

  • Repositories:

    • EPEL 7
    • Zabbix 4.x
    • Puppet 5.x
    • Webmin
    • Neofetch
  • adjust /extra/files/ to modify package's versions/servers

  • neofetch packageas default banner during after the login - change required fields you'd like to see in


Windows 2016 Datacenter

  • script

Windows 2019 Datacenter

  • script

CentOS 7.6

  • script

Warnings & workarounds

  • as a temporary solution Windows based machines are using Admin account adpacker which is being deleted after creation
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