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EventStore Prometheus exporter

EventStore ( metrics Prometheus exporter.


From source

You need to have a Go 1.6+ environment configured.

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/ 
go build -o eventstore_exporter
./eventstore_exporter --eventstore-url=http://localhost:2113

Using Docker

docker run -d -p 9448:9448 -e EVENTSTORE_URL=http://my-eventstore:2113 -e CLUSTER_MODE=single marcinbudny/eventstore_exporter


The exporter can be configured with commandline arguments, environment variables and a configuration file. For the details on how to format the configuration file, visit namsral/flag repo.

Flag ENV variable Default Meaning
--eventstore-url EVENTSTORE_URL http://localhost:2113 Eventstore HTTP endpoint
--cluster-mode CLUSTER_MODE cluster Set to 'single' when monitoring a single node instance, set to 'cluster' when monitoring a cluster. This settings decides whether gossip stats endpoint is queired.
--port PORT 9448 Port to expose scrape endpoint on
--timeout TIMEOUT 10s Timeout when calling EventStore
--verbose VERBOSE false Enable verbose logging

Grafana dashboard

Can be found here

EventStore Grafana dashboard

Exported metrics

Let me know if there is a metric you would like to be added.

# HELP eventstore_cluster_member_alive If 1, cluster member is alive, as seen from current cluster member
# TYPE eventstore_cluster_member_alive gauge
eventstore_cluster_member_alive{member=""} 1
# HELP eventstore_cluster_member_is_master If 1, current cluster member is the master
# TYPE eventstore_cluster_member_is_master gauge
eventstore_cluster_member_is_master 0
# HELP eventstore_disk_io_read_bytes Total number of disk IO read bytes
# TYPE eventstore_disk_io_read_bytes counter
eventstore_disk_io_read_bytes 2.146304e+06
# HELP eventstore_disk_io_read_ops Total number of disk IO read operations
# TYPE eventstore_disk_io_read_ops counter
eventstore_disk_io_read_ops 2.168586e+06
# HELP eventstore_disk_io_write_ops Total number of disk IO write operations
# TYPE eventstore_disk_io_write_ops counter
eventstore_disk_io_write_ops 78755
# HELP eventstore_disk_io_written_bytes Total number of disk IO written bytes
# TYPE eventstore_disk_io_written_bytes counter
eventstore_disk_io_written_bytes 3.05152e+06
# HELP eventstore_drive_available_bytes Drive available bytes
# TYPE eventstore_drive_available_bytes gauge
eventstore_drive_available_bytes{drive="/var/lib/eventstore"} 5.7287368704e+10
# HELP eventstore_drive_total_bytes Drive total size in bytes
# TYPE eventstore_drive_total_bytes gauge
eventstore_drive_total_bytes{drive="/var/lib/eventstore"} 6.3143981056e+10
# HELP eventstore_process_cpu Process CPU usage, 0 - number of cores
# TYPE eventstore_process_cpu gauge
eventstore_process_cpu 0.0843057
# HELP eventstore_process_cpu_scaled Process CPU usage scaled to number of cores, 0 - 1, 1 = full load on all cores
# TYPE eventstore_process_cpu_scaled gauge
eventstore_process_cpu_scaled 0.04215285
# HELP eventstore_process_memory_bytes Process memory usage, as reported by EventStore
# TYPE eventstore_process_memory_bytes gauge
eventstore_process_memory_bytes 1.42651392e+08# HELP eventstore_projection_events_processed_after_restart Projection event processed count
# HELP eventstore_projection_events_processed_after_restart_total Projection event processed count
# TYPE eventstore_projection_events_processed_after_restart_total counter
eventstore_projection_events_processed_after_restart_total{projection="$by_category"} 0
# HELP eventstore_projection_progress Projection progress 0 - 1, where 1 = projection progress at 100%
# TYPE eventstore_projection_progress gauge
eventstore_projection_progress{projection="$by_category"} 1
# HELP eventstore_projection_running If 1, projection is in 'Running' state
# TYPE eventstore_projection_running gauge
eventstore_projection_running{projection="$by_category"} 1
# HELP eventstore_queue_items_processed_total Total number items processed by queue
# TYPE eventstore_queue_items_processed_total counter
eventstore_queue_items_processed_total{queue="mainQueue"} 168383
# HELP eventstore_queue_length Queue length
# TYPE eventstore_queue_length gauge
eventstore_queue_length{queue="mainQueue"} 0
# HELP eventstore_tcp_connections Current number of TCP connections
# TYPE eventstore_tcp_connections gauge
eventstore_tcp_connections 1
# HELP eventstore_tcp_received_bytes TCP received bytes
# TYPE eventstore_tcp_received_bytes counter
eventstore_tcp_received_bytes 1.304789e+06
# HELP eventstore_tcp_sent_bytes TCP sent bytes
# TYPE eventstore_tcp_sent_bytes counter
eventstore_tcp_sent_bytes 453630
# HELP eventstore_up Whether the EventStore scrape was successful
# TYPE eventstore_up gauge
eventstore_up 1



  • FEATURE: added drive metrics


  • FIX: missing eventstore_process_memory_bytes metric
  • BREAKING: eventstore_projection_events_processed_after_restart metric renamed to eventstore_projection_events_processed_after_restart_total to comply with Prometheus metric naming rules


  • experimenting with dockerhub tags


  • Initial version