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RavenDB Prometheus exporter

Exports RavenDB metrics and allows for Prometheus scraping. Versions prior to 4 are not supported due to different API and authentication mechanism.


From source

You need to have a Go 1.20+ environment configured.

go install
ravendb_exporter --ravendb-url=

Using Docker

docker run -d -p 9440:9440 -e RAVENDB_URL= marcinbudny/ravendb_exporter


The exporter can be configured with commandline arguments, environment variables and a configuration file. For the details on how to format the configuration file, visit namsral/flag repo.

Flag ENV variable Default Meaning
--ravendb-url RAVENDB_URL http://localhost:8080 RavenDB URL
--port PORT 9440 Port to expose scrape endpoint on
--timeout TIMEOUT 10s Timeout when calling RavenDB
--verbose VERBOSE false Enable verbose logging
--ca-cert CA_CERT (empty) Path to CA public cert file of RavenDB server
--use-auth USE_AUTH false If set, connection to RavenDB will be authenticated with a client certificate
--client-cert CLIENT_CERT (empty) Path to client public certificate used for authentication
--client-key CLIENT_KEY (empty) Path to client private key used for authentication
--client-key-password CLIENT_KEY_PASSWORD (empty) Password for the client key (if it is encrypted)

Sample configuration with authentication, for Docker:

docker run -d \
-e CA_CERT=/certs/lets-encrypt-x3-cross-signed.crt \
-e USE_AUTH=true \
-e CLIENT_CERT=/certs/admin.client.certificate.myserver.crt \
-e CLIENT_KEY=/certs/admin.client.certificate.myserver.key \
-v /path/to/certs/on/host:/certs \
-p 9440:9440 \

Exported metrics

Let me know if there is a metric you would like to be added.

ravendb_cpu_time_seconds_total 1613.68
# HELP ravendb_database_document_put_bytes_total Database document put bytes
# TYPE ravendb_database_document_put_bytes_total counter
ravendb_database_document_put_bytes_total{database="Demo"} 405
# HELP ravendb_database_document_put_total Database document puts count
# TYPE ravendb_database_document_put_total counter
ravendb_database_document_put_total{database="Demo"} 3
# HELP ravendb_database_documents Count of documents in a database
# TYPE ravendb_database_documents gauge
ravendb_database_documents{database="Demo"} 1063
# HELP ravendb_database_indexes Count of indexes in a database
# TYPE ravendb_database_indexes gauge
ravendb_database_indexes{database="Demo"} 20
# HELP ravendb_database_mapindex_indexed_total Database map index indexed count
# TYPE ravendb_database_mapindex_indexed_total counter
ravendb_database_mapindex_indexed_total{database="Demo"} 952
# HELP ravendb_database_mapreduceindex_mapped_total Database map-reduce index mapped count
# TYPE ravendb_database_mapreduceindex_mapped_total counter
ravendb_database_mapreduceindex_mapped_total{database="Demo"} 0
# HELP ravendb_database_mapreduceindex_reduced_total Database map-reduce index reduced count
# TYPE ravendb_database_mapreduceindex_reduced_total counter
ravendb_database_mapreduceindex_reduced_total{database="Demo"} 0
# HELP ravendb_database_request_total Database request count
# TYPE ravendb_database_request_total counter
ravendb_database_request_total{database="Demo"} 6179
# HELP ravendb_database_size_bytes Database size in bytes
# TYPE ravendb_database_size_bytes gauge
ravendb_database_size_bytes{database="Demo"} 6.35568128e+08
# HELP ravendb_database_stale_indexes Count of stale indexes in a database
# TYPE ravendb_database_stale_indexes gauge
ravendb_database_stale_indexes{database="Demo"} 0
# HELP ravendb_document_put_bytes_total Server-wide document put bytes
# TYPE ravendb_document_put_bytes_total counter
ravendb_document_put_bytes_total 0
# HELP ravendb_document_put_total Server-wide document puts count
# TYPE ravendb_document_put_total counter
ravendb_document_put_total 0
# HELP ravendb_is_leader If 1, then node is the cluster leader, otherwise 0
# TYPE ravendb_is_leader gauge
ravendb_is_leader 1
# HELP ravendb_mapindex_indexed_total Server-wide map index indexed count
# TYPE ravendb_mapindex_indexed_total counter
ravendb_mapindex_indexed_total 0
# HELP ravendb_mapreduceindex_mapped_total Server-wide map-reduce index mapped count
# TYPE ravendb_mapreduceindex_mapped_total counter
ravendb_mapreduceindex_mapped_total 0
# HELP ravendb_mapreduceindex_reduced_total Server-wide map-reduce index reduced count
# TYPE ravendb_mapreduceindex_reduced_total counter
ravendb_mapreduceindex_reduced_total 0
# HELP ravendb_request_total Server-wide request count
# TYPE ravendb_request_total counter
ravendb_request_total 15530
# HELP ravendb_up Whether the RavenDB scrape was successful
# TYPE ravendb_up gauge
ravendb_up 1
# HELP ravendb_working_set_bytes Process working set
# TYPE ravendb_working_set_bytes gauge
ravendb_working_set_bytes 1.651195904e+09



  • Updated golang version, some of the dependencies
  • Used scratch as base for the docker image


  • Support for password protected private keys
  • Fixed problem with no option to load config file #1


  • Changed metric names to conform to Prometheus guidelines


  • Fixed name of the ravendb_database_stale_index_count metric


  • Initial version


Prometheus exporter for RavenDB 4







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