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Registry-like configuration API with database backend for django
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django-registry app


This reusable app delivers registry-like configuration tool with configurable backends. Currently provides two backends: memory and database


  • store configuration in global environment accessed by name (keys), where dot (.) is used as separator (ie. "modules.something.show_labels")
  • simple admin model for easy management
  • automatic configuration refresh at runtime after registry changes (currently supported only with database backend)


Reading config is a most used operation. Configuration can be simply accessed by opening a key:

import registry
my_app_config ='application_name.global_config')

By simple dict-like interface you can access application settings now:

print my_app_config.get('default_thumbnail_width', 110)
print my_app_config.get('default_thumbnail_height', 80)

It is an equivalent for accessing:

  • application_name.global_config.default_thumbnail_width
  • and application_name.global_config.default_thumbnail_height

Registry configuration instances are lazy (loaded after first access). They are refreshed after every registry data change, but only within opened key (ie. "application_name.global_config").


The low-level API is a classic Django models module.

EntryManager has some extra methods:

  • find_keys(key) - returns Entries which name begins with "key"
  • delete_key(key) - delete key and all subkeys found by find_keys()
  • set(key, value, type=TEXT) - create or update key with value, set type for new key
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