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-- Original script from:
commandArray = {}
-- Name of the dummy Domoticz dimmer:
DomDevice = 'GŁOŚNOŚĆ'
if devicechanged[DomDevice] then
--print(DomDevice..' received order: '..devicechanged[DomDevice]) -- DEBUG:
if string.match(devicechanged[DomDevice], 'Set Level: ') then -- "Set Level: 42 %" type of order
print(DomDevice..' level changed ('..otherdevices_svalues[DomDevice]..')') -- DEBUG:
-- Compute the volume: Use the "Set Level: 42 %" order and strip anything that's not a digit
volume = devicechanged[DomDevice]:gsub('%D', '')
volumestr = tonumber(volume)
fullurl = 'http://[OPENWEBIF_IP]/web/vol?set=set' .. volumestr
print('adres: ' .. fullurl)
-- Supports level=0 (even though Domoticz seems to handle it: Setting device's level/slider to "0", sets device to "Off")
commandArray['OpenURL']= fullurl
return commandArray
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