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A lightweight replacement for Apple's UILabel

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MTLabel version 0.0.2

Author: Michal Tuszynski


By default, UIKit's UILabel provides many limitations, such as unable to custumize line height attribute or make the text unlimited lines long. This is a simple sublass of UIView which uses CoreText framework to draw text. It's still a work in progress so use it at your own risk.


MTLabel uses CoreText framework, so add it to your project before using MTLabel.


  • Customize line spacing
  • Draw text with unlimited number of lines (UILabel forces you to specify number of lines)
  • You can specify if you want the label to resize itself based on text height
  • Supports almost all features of UILabel

Known issues:

  • Be careful when using MTLabel with UITableView. During the text drawing there is a black background being drawn, so I use performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: method to draw a clear background after drawing text. When tableview is being scrolled, it prevents the method from being executed, so you have to set the clear background your self for the changes to take place.

  • Line limiting still doesn't work, but it will soon

To do:

  • Limiting to number of lines
  • Customizable margin support
  • Highliting portions of text with user-defined color


v 0.0.1

  • Added initial version of MTLabel with support for custom line-height

v 0.0.2

  • Added support for text alignment: left, right, center and justify
  • Added support for resizing label's frame to match the text size inside


MTLabel is under Apache v2 license.

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