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Facebook ColdFusion SDK


The Facebook Platform is a set of APIs that make your application more social. Read more about integrating Facebook with your web site on the Facebook developer site.

This project contains the open source Facebook ColdFusion SDK that allows you to integrate the Facebook Platform on your website powered by a ColdFusion application server.

Facebook ColdFusion SDK provides 3 components :

  • FacebookApp.cfc - A library to build iFrame/FBML apps on Facebook.com and websites with the Facebook Platform (the library is a complete port to ColdFusion of the Facebook PHP SDK V2.1.2).
  • FacebookGraphAPI.cfc - A client wrapper to call Facebook Graph API (the wrapper is inspired from the latest official .NET and Python SDKs graph clients).
  • FacebookRestAPI.cfc - A client wrapper to call the old Facebook Rest API.

Getting started

  1. You must first Download the latest version of the SDK.
  2. Install the SDK on your ColdFusion server.
  3. Use the components in your application.

To see the SDK in action, check the examples.


To view the latest SDK documentation, please use the project Wiki section on GitHub.


To download the latest version of the SDK, please use the project Downloads section on GitHub.


To report any bug, please use the project Issues section on GitHub.

Beta status

This is a beta release. In order to guide the development of the library, we have open-sourced the library. The underlying APIs are generally stable, however we may make changes to the library in response to developer feedback.


The Facebook ColdFusion SDK is not an official Facebook SDK such as Javascript, PHP, Python, iOS and Android SDKs.

It is developped by Affinitiz, a french social media web agency.

The Facebook ColdFusion SDK is licensed under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0.

Credits: logo based on ColdFusion Wallpaper - Revolution by Angry Fly.