You should better quit your current job instead of searching a solution for *that* problem.
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Your Problem: Irrelephant.


If you got redirected here by someone you're using probably something you shouldn't use.

  • Soap - Stop that madness. Use REST
  • Pear - anno 1995 is calling you. You should give back their Pear lib. Use Composer
  • Typo3 4x/6x - Just use something else. You make yourself a favor.
  • SQL string building - Mr. SQL-Injection is right behind your back waiting to punsh you in the face. Use a ORM with QueryBuilder
  • jQuery to build GUI - Use AngularJS/EmberJS/React
  • Coffeescript - Go call the governor! Ecmascript 6 is around the corner. #Traceur
  • Apache + mod_php - Use Nginx + php-fpm
  • Microsoft IIS - wtf?
  • Yii - some people need a high-five. with a chair. in their face
  • Kohana, CodeIgniter, CakePHP -> rm -rf /var/www and restart your career with Symfony/Laravel
  • SVN/CVS - Use the one and only git
  • Eclipse - You like pain, don't you?
  • Dreamweaver - kill it with fire and better use vim/phpStorm
  • PHP mail() - Use Swiftmailer or go to hell!
  • Plain CSS - Use LESS or SASS
  • Manual dependency management - Composer, Bower, NPM

So, if you're still using one of these, better quit your job or

Deal with it