A behavior allowing you to use optimistic locking in Propel 2
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A behavior for Propel2 for optimistic locking.


<table name="user">
    <column name="id" required="true" primaryKey="true" autoIncrement="true" type="INTEGER" />
    <column name="username" type="VARCHAR" size="100" primaryString="true" />
    <behavior name="optimistic_locking" />

If you haven't installed this behavior through composer, you need to specify the full class name as behavior name:

    <behavior name="\MJS\OptimisticLocking\OptimisticLockingBehavior">

You can define a different locking columns. Default is version.

<behavior name="optimistic_locking" />
    <parameter name="version_column" value="locked_version"/>
$user = UserQuery::create()->findById($id);

try {
} catch (\MJS\OptimisticLocking\StaleObjectException $e) {
    //react on that case. Maybe show the edit form again with a hint
    //or reload $user and apply again your changes.

if (!$user->optimisticSave(){ 
    //whoops, there was someone faster.

Note for Versionable

This behavior is compatible to versionable-behavior. Make sure optimistic_locking behavior is loaded before versionable.

<behavior name="optimistic_locking" />
<behavior name="versionable" />