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This is a collection of demos I gathered after writing my first Adadfruit::GFX demo ( GFX/MatrixGFXDemo ) and later GFX/fontzoom .

This started after I wrote which was designed to add GFX compatiblity for FastLED supported backends. In that process, I picked up some demos in the FastLED directory that I ported to NeoMatrix.

Some time after, I found that there was a different GFX compatible-ish library for Neopixel Matrixes, called LEDMatrix. I was able to make them compatible with FastLED::NeoMatrix which has bettern support for complex tiled matrices with random orientations (courtesy of the original Adafruit::NeoMatrix)

Later still, I had to use some RGB Panels for higher pixel density at the cost of lower brightness and more resource intensive driver (SmartMatrix). SmartMatirx however had a completely (and better) API, but it was not compatible with all the demo code I already had, so I wrote to add a GFX/FastLED compatibility layer for SmartMatrix and allow all the demo code included here to run trivially on top of RGB Panels thanks to SmartMatrix.