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Added a few comments about the new code location.

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@@ -12,8 +12,14 @@
// freetronics in the arduino miniconf as part of 2012) and
// therefore this code organizes the output data differently.
-// Upstream source for this module is
+// Original source for this module is
+// Web page is:
+// This code was since then included in
+// this last location should be considered the up to date location and contains
+// the 'FastIO' branch which makes this code 4 times faster.
// Thread Safe: No
// Extendable: Yes
@@ -86,6 +92,10 @@
// - The pinout used here is same saner (the 4 bits for the LCD are all in one
// nibble of the shift register, not spread across 2 like in the
// LiquidCrystal_SR pinout)
+// Note however that LiquidCrystal_SR while a bit more complex wiring and code
+// wise, supports non latching shift registers and it a few percent faster than
+// this code since it can address the LCD enable pin without having to send
+// a pulse through the shift register like the LCD3Wires setup requires.
// This code makes sure to properly follow the specifications when talking
// to the LCD while using minimal delays (it's faster than the LCD3wire and aiko

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