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Utilities for programmatic analysis of Cartography data
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Cartography Queries

This is the companion repo for the Mapping Moving Clouds: how to stay on top of your ephemeral environments with Cartography blog post.

Custom Queries

The file queries.json contains a set of custom queries specifically created for analyzing data collected by Cartography, and is structured as a list of dictionaries, where each dictionary represents an annotated query (enriched with metadata).

Jupyter Notebooks

The notebooks folder contains all the code needed to get you started with your own Jupyter reports for analysing Cartography data. For detailed instructions on how to set them up, please refer to section "Repeatability: Jupyter Notebooks" of the companion blog post.

Query Manager

As a bonus, the query manager ( is a quick command line option for inspecting/filtering Cartography queries (without actually running them). For simplicity, you can also directly use the related Docker image created with this Dockerfile:

Command Action
docker run --rm marcolancini/cartography_queries:latest --count Count all available queries
docker run --rm marcolancini/cartography_queries:latest --get-all-tags List all available tags
docker run --rm marcolancini/cartography_queries:latest --tags=aws,security List queries filtered by tags (aws and security in this example)
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