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This folder contains some building blocks.


Role Description
docker Install docker
golang Install golang
kali-cloud Install tools to perform cloud assessments (AWS, Azure, GCP)
kali-metasploit 3. Install MSF, configure Postgres, setup msfdb and Armitage
kali-os 1. Update OS, setup locales, add users, config ufw and zsh
kali-red For red teams (empire, dnscat2, etc.). UNDER DEVELOPMENT
kali-sw 2. Install basic maintenance, dev, and pt tools
kali-wifi Wi-Fi pentesting tools
mobile-android Android tools
mobile-ios iOS tools
nginx Fully configured nginx
sublimetext Install sublimetext


Folder Description
docker_compose_clair Spin up Clair, alongside Postgres and Klar, to scan Docker images for security vulnerabilities
docker_compose_django Django setup with Postgres (database), Redis (cache), and nginx (proxy)
docker_compose_flask Flask setup
docker_compose_nginx-proxy Nginx-proxy setup
docker_compose_wekan-bookstack Local setup for Wekan and Bookstack
docker_go_dev Development image for Golang. Published on Docker Hub
docker_kali Image for kali. Published on Docker Hub
docker_nomad Image for Nomad. Published on Docker Hub
docker_python_dev Development image for Python2/3. Published on Docker Hub
docker_vault Docker + Consul + Vault


Folder Description
terraform_vpc Terraform template for a full VPC setup