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#Angular CLI, Java EE and REST : tutorial and quick starter code for Hello World Problem: we need a new web application that uses Java EE as backend and Angular as frontend. It should be easy to configure.

The scope of the application is limited (1 angular route, 1 http service, only a JSON ressource), this allow you to have a pretty clean app. I will build another app to shows some features.


  • frontend built and compatible with [Angular CLI]
  • configured to use the development and production mode of WebPack
  • ready to use out of the box
  • build a WAR file compatible with Java EE servers (JBoss, Payara/Glassfish etc.)
  • it comes with all the nice features of Angular CLI: tests, good practices etc.

###How to install


-you need maven, npm, git and an application server Java EE

Production mode
  1. clone the git project
  2. from the root of the project launch mvn package this generates a package named ROOT.war in the PROJECT/server/target directory
  3. you can deploy this package in your favourite application server. The Angular application should answer at the requests to http://localhost:8080
Development mode
  1. clone the git project
  2. You can start the server using your favourite IDE. The project uses a standard Maven directory structure. You need to configure the server to deploy the server.war artifact.
  3. from the PROJECT/client/src directory install the npm packages : npm install
  4. launch the client with ng serve. The client uses the port 4200 (default for Angular CLI) and you can navigate to http://localhost:4200

The result

(img) The result is not particularly fancy. It show the result of a call to a Java REST service ... but hey, you have a ready to go configuration based on Java EE and Angular that follows the Angular best practices.