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Spring Boot 2.0 Demo with Angular 5 and Material : How to build a professional application step by step

This website is like a programming book but it's live and it's working.

I'm trying to collect the good practices and code fragments frequently used during the development of a professional application.

These good practices are used in a real work application ... this website. If the solutions proposed don't work (anymore), this website will simply disappear.

The live version is here: http://molteni.io


The technologies used are the following:

GitHub (https://github.com/marco76/spriNGdemo) Spring Boot 2.0 beta (last available version) Angular 5.0 beta (last available version) Jenkins 2.0 (Visible here) SonarQube (Visible here) Docker Hub ([Here][https://hub.docker.com/r/javaee/springdemo/]) Docker Cloud, Swarm, Compose IntelliJ and VisualStudio Code Swagger Angular Material

How to install


  • you need maven, npm, git

Production mode

  • clone the git project from the root of the project launch mvn package this generates a package named ROOT.war in the PROJECT/server/target directory you can deploy this package in your favourite application server. The Angular application should answer at the requests to http://localhost:8080 Development mode

Development mode

  • clone the git project You can start the server using your favourite IDE. The project uses a standard Maven directory structure. You need to configure the server to deploy the server.war artifact. from the PROJECT/client/src directory install the npm packages : npm install launch the client with ng serve. The client uses the port 4200 (default for Angular CLI) and you can navigate to http://localhost:4200

Docker image

You can find the docker image here : https://hub.docker.com/r/javaee/springdemo/

The docker image install a linux distribution, download the sources and the required libraries and application server (custom edition). It compiles the sources codes and deploy the application on the port 80.