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Create an amazing new website for your local hackspace within minutes!
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Create an amazing new website for your local hackspace within minutes!

=> 🌍 Example websites

=> 🌟 Features

=> 🛠 How to setup

=> 🧹 How to customize

=> 💻 How to contribute

🌍 Example websites

Take a look at the hackspaces which already use this template!:)

  • TAMI, Tel Aviv (Israel):
  • Noisebridge, San Francisco (USA): about to launch, needs to be deployed
  • and maybe your hackspace soon as well?:)

🌟 Features

This website template has a lot of super useful features for your hackspace! Don’t need all of them? Don’t worry, you can easily deactivate or customize them as well!

=> 💡LED Dark Mode!

=> 🛬Landingpage with all the essentials

=> ℹ️About section, tell your hackspace’s story

=> 🔍Search everything, everywhere

=> 🗓Create & see all your events

=> 🖼All photos in one place

=> 🛠Show your projects

=> 🏠List your spaces & machines

=> 📝Create, archive and see all your meeting notes

=> 👥Consensus Items

=> 💲Tell people how to donate

=> 🌍Multi-language support

Want more? Learn how to contribute!

💡LED Dark Mode!

The most important key feature first - THIS WEBSITE HAS LEDs!!! *

I mean… do you really need anything else to convince your hackspace community?

*if the website visitor has Dark Mode activated on their device / operating system

🛬Landingpage with all the essentials

  • "Currently open" indicator (automatically updated every minute)
  • hackspace short description
  • upcoming events (automatically updated every minute)
  • overview of what areas your hackspace covers & quick links to search
  • address, map & opening hours

ℹ️About section, tell your hackspace’s story

  • the one rule - be excellent to each other
  • how to participate
  • your hackspace history

🔍Search everything, everywhere

  • Discourse
  • Wiki
  • events
  • projects
  • meeting notes
  • machines
  • spaces
  • social media channels

🗓Create & see all your events

  • auto import existing events from Meetup and your Wiki, via Cronjob
  • allow community members to create new events directly via the website (which then get automatically posted to your Meetup group and Discourse as well)

🖼All photos in one place

  • from Twitter, Instagram, your Wiki & Flickr
  • including preview of the connected social media posts
  • sort by "Latest", "Oldest" or "Random" - to explore more of your hackspace's history!
  • always see the latest photos on the landingpage (automatically updated every minute)

🛠Show your projects

🏠List your spaces & machines

  • list all your spaces & most important machines

📝Create, archive and see all your meeting notes

  • easy import of existing meeting notes from your Wiki
  • automatically start a new meeting on Riseup Pad based on your meeting notes template
  • presenter/note taker mode - to allow everyone to see what the current topic is (and how long the meeting is already going on)
  • use #hashtags to tag keywords - which get extracted automatically when you finish a meeting

👥Consensus Items

  • auto import consensus items from your Discourse group
  • link to the consensus items section of your Discourse group to allow people to create new projects

💲Tell people how to donate

  • donation infos accessible from every page
  • links to donate money, hardware or organize or volunteer an event

🌍Multi-language support

  • easily switch between languages
  • more languages can be easily added via the translation files

🛠 How to setup

Step 1: Clone this repo

git clone

Step 2: To add your own logo: Add the following files to _website/static/images/:


Step 3: Create your own favicons and add the following files to _website/static/images/favicons/:


Step 4: Add your default background image as "header_banner.jpg" to _website/static/images/

Step 5: Make sure you have Python 3 installed and execute:


Step 6: Test your website - you can start your webserver via:

python runserver

Step 7: Customize the settings in config.json for your hackspace (and make sure it's a valid JSON, otherwise the server won't be able to start).

Step 8: Deploy your website

🧹 How to customize

=> Click to show templates

=> Click to show CSS files

=> Click to show images

=> Click to show JavaScript files

=> How to add a new page:

💻How to contribute

Check out our To Do's Board. to see what tasks you could help with.

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