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The BOAST Outpost for AppSec Testing (v0.1.2)


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The BOAST Outpost for AppSec Testing (v0.1.2)

BOAST is a server built to receive and report Out-of-Band Application Security Testing reactions.

BOAST overview

Some application security tests will only cause out-of-band reactions from the tested applications. This means that these reactions will not be sent as a response to the testing client and, due to their nature, they will remain unseen when the client is behind a third-party NAT. For the purpose of being able to clearly see those reactions, another piece is needed. A piece that, not limited by a third-party NAT, is freely reachable on the Internet and can also speak the received protocols in multiple ports for maximum impact. BOAST is that piece.

BOAST features DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS protocol receivers with support for multiple simultaneous ports for each receiver. And implementing protocol receivers for new protocols or to better suit your needs is almost as simple as implementing the protocol interaction itself.


The project is documented here.