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This module is working!

RPX Overview
Working as a proxy between third party identity providers and your website, RPX helps you effortlessly authenticate users with their existing account on Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, MySpace, AOL, Windows Live/MSN/Hotmail, or any other OpenID provider.

How to use
1) Install the module by adding in your bootstrap file:
'rpxnow'  => MODPATH.'rpxnow', // rpxnow openid authentication

2) Change your information provided by rpx in init.php

3) In your view, call the helpers provided by the module (script and iframe/anchor)
Script must be called and you choose if you'd like an iframe or anchor:
// login.php
<?php echo rpxnow::rpxnow_script_tag(); ?>
<?php echo rpxnow::rpxnow_iframe_tag(); ?>

4) To make the authentication, call in your controller openid_auth():
function action_response()
        $openid = new Rpxnow;
        $result = $openid->openid_auth();
        if($result['stat'] == 'ok')
            // profile will give you information such as verifiedEmail, gender, name, etc..
            // var_dump($result['profile'])
            // handle the error

5) The authentication should be working now. Now you must do your backend session by saving the 'identifier' in a table

Suggestions are welcome, just message me on github.
For issues, just create one ;)