File-based Gallery for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3
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Joomla Gallery



  • Implemented a switch between mime_content_type function and Fileinfo extension because Fileinfo is deactivated in some installations.


  • Replaced call of mime_content_type function with use of Fileinfo extension.
    • mime_content_type is not available in PHP 5.6 and Fileinfo is available from PHP 5.3.


  • Fixed issue with reading IPTC data if key does not exist.
  • Fixed issue with backlink removal code.
  • Show child folders and photos div container only if child folders or photos are available.
  • Changed "powered by" message and set link to nofollow.
  • Added "Fluidbox" as alternative to the "Shutter Reloaded" image viewer.
    • Changes in the Gallery View were necessary. If you have overridden this view, you have to adjust it.
  • Made folder caption translatable.
  • Implemented option to reverse the order of the photos.


  • added support for the native Joomla update function


  • fixed an issue with the backing removal code
  • fixed a routing issue
  • fixed lazy loading issue
  • refactored to use native Joomla cache for thumbnails and preview images
  • the protection of the images with a htaccess file is now optional


  • gallery is now compatible with Joomla 3


  • core htaccess hack is no longer needed
  • fixed lightbox if mod_rewrite is not used


  • added remove backlink code
  • one bug fix


  • added robots noindex for category pages
  • added support for name converter plugins
  • parameters for width/height of thumbnails and resized preview photos
  • support for iptc information (show title and description in shutterbox)
  • removed capty -> always show folder name (for usability reasons)
  • show folders and photos in one folder at the same time


  • Changed license from GPL to AGPL
  • Piwik will track the clicks (next/previous) in the lightbox
  • Added detection of non existing paths
  • JQuery could be loaded optional
  • Added a backlink to (Could be deactivated in the settings)
  • Added support for lazy loading (must be activated in the settings)
  • Better error handling


  • important bug fix


  • added index.html to all folders


  • initial release