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Joomla Sitemap Generator

An easy to use sitemap generator for Joomla. Detailed information is available on my website:

Joomla Sitemap Generator


The versions in the changelog refer to the version numbers of the Sitemap Generator package.


Release date: 23th November 2018

  • Added option to disable cookies.
  • Added option to remove query parameters from URLs before they are added to the sitemap.
  • Added reference count threshold option to ignore for example images if they are embedded on more than x pages.
  • Removed CA Fallback option.


Release date: 14th April 2018

  • Force the use of IPv4, because IPv6 does not work for all configurations, probably due to a bug in some curl versions or the PHP curl integration.
  • Multiple crawler improvements.
    • Added cookie support.


Release date: 31th May 2016

  • Implemented Cache-Control for ajax requests.
  • Fixed memory issue with very large sitemaps.
  • Added option to ignore embedded content (for example images).
  • Added option to select the maximum number of concurrent connections.
  • Discontinued development of Sitemap Generator module and plugin and implemented an uninstall notice.


Release date: 14th February 2016

  • Improved support for mutlilanguage sites.
  • Support for cURL CA fallback file.


Release date: 17th November 2015

  • Better error messages for cURL errors.


Release date: 11th November 2015

  • Implemented crawl and sitemap stats.
  • Implemented error message if backend is down.
  • Implemented better error messages to detect problems on startup.
  • Implemented better error message if token is invalid or has expired.
  • Implemented better error message if limit is reached.
  • Better error reporting if website is not reachable.
  • Fixed bug that files from external websites (for example pdf files) were added to the sitemap.
  • Added a check for the correct cURL version.
  • Added a check if the plugin is used in a local development environment.
  • Technical changes
    • Renamed global JS vars (namespacing).
    • Removed german language strings.
    • Moved some vars to a separate file to use the same JS file with multiple CMS.


  • Added a component for the sitemap generation.


  • Added permission check to plugin.
  • Fixed uninstall bug.


  • Implement delay for subsequent requests.
  • Added Windows compatibility.


  • Fixed update server url.


  • Initial release.