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Code Smells! When code really smells... (Delphi Expert)

"Code Smells" is a funny add-on for Embarcadero Delphi that plays a fart every time the compilation fails. 😄

It has been built for ITDevConX Delphi Conference as an example of how you can create a simple but functional expert for the Delphi IDE using the Open Tools API.

The original idea, the audio files and the fart descriptions has been taken from the Farticus plugin made for Visual Studio by Mads Kristensen.

How to install

  • Clone the repository or download the source code
  • Open the project file (CodeSmells.dproj) in the Delphi IDE
  • Right click the project file and select Build
  • If build is successful, right click again the project file and select Install
  • Close the project

How to configure

You can enable/disable and configure the tool from the Options dialog available under the Tools|Code Smells Options... menu.

How to use

Continue to work in Delphi... everytime you compile your project, in case of errors you will hear a rather annoying noise. Have fun!!

Created by: Marco Breveglieri (


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